Turtle Walks

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(permitted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)

Loggerhead sea turtle laying eggs – The guides keep everyone behind the turtle where she can’t see them and put a small red light in the nest to illuminate the eggs.

The Loggerhead sea turtle nesting season peaks in Brevard County in June and July. Our Florida State Permit allows us to guide groups to observe nesting Loggerhead sea turtles. The Walk Team is comprised of many volunteers including Greeters, Presenters and Guides all trained and experienced in their respective roles. Special training, held in the spring, is required for our Guides.

Please call our office starting in May at 321-676-1701 to make reservations for the current season.

Teams provide Turtle Walks for the public several nights a week during June and July at three different locations in South Brevard County. Once you make your reservation:

  • You arrive on the night of your walk, at your designated location, no later than 8:45 PM.
  • Then, you are shown a presentation about sea turtles that nest in our area, the threats they encounter, and what you can do to help.
  • Meanwhile, permitted scouts are looking for Loggerheads that are coming ashore to nest.
  • When a scout spots one, the group is led to the location and allowed to observe while the turtle is laying her eggs.

There are no guarantees though – because it is all up to Mother Nature and the respective sea turtle to cooperate. However, the STPS Turtle Walk Team has a very good success rate because we live near the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, the site of the second largest Loggerhead nesting area in the world!

To read a “First Person” account by someone who recently participated in a Sea Turtle Walk by the STPS, please check out Ed Rosack’s blog. STPS would like to thank him for allowing us to use the marvelous photos from his blog, which is also filled with a vivid description of his experience.

Turtle walk crowd

Loggerhead sea turtle covering nest

The Epic Journey Continues – Loggerhead Turtle returning to the ocean. Photo by Kevin McKinney (used with permission).